Most of my work today in creating one-of-a-kind engagement rings and wedding rings is for clients from around the country and even around the

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Tina and Craig’s wedding rings

world thanks to e-mails, digital images, FaceTime conversations and insured express shipping. This last year in fact I created a wedding ring for someone in Australia, wedding rings for several couples in Canada including the Arctic Circle and from coast to coast here in the United States. Thanks to these technologies and services there is no difference in working 3000 miles away or just down the road. The fundamental process is still the same in that we communicate about your desires, your likes and dislikes, options in materials, budgets, etc. From those conversations I then hand carve what I call a wax prototype for each ring. I then send the wax model(s) for you to see and try on to get a real sense of what works and what doesn’t as far as the design. From there I modify the wax prototype so that I get every detail just right as close isn’t good enough. Once I get your approval on the wax I then go ahead and complete the actual ring then send it to you insured Express Mail or FedEx so that the package will need to be signed for in person and not simply left by your doorway. So whether you live down the road or half way around the world, we can easily work together in designing and creating the perfect engagement or wedding ring for you both.