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Equipment Required
for Jim Dailing Stone Setting Workshops

Remote Learning Students must have intermediate skills or better, and functional work spaces with the following materials and equipment:

Flex shaft or micrometer rotary tool.

Dremels can work but they don’t have the control needed for stone setting

A ring clamp, PanaVise, engravers block, GRS Benchmate or other clamping device

This is to hold your rings during stone setting. Any one of these options will work for your stone setting.

Inverted cone bur

 8mm Rio- Item #: 342532

Drill bit

#51, or 1.7mm. Rio- Item #: 349410

Setting bur

2.5mm Rio: Item #: 342383

Bud bur

2,3mm. Rio-Item #: 342525

Beading tools.

A set is not expensive, so get a full set with a mushroom handle. This will allow you to bead set many different sizes of stones as you begin to incorporate this setting into your work. We will also sacrifice one of the larger beading tools to make a micro burnisher for flush setting. Rio- Item: 113340

Optics for close up work.

I like what are called MegaViews. Rio-Item #: 115719 You can also use the classic Optivisors. Rio- Item #: 113206 A 10x jeweler’s loupe would also be great to check your work. Rio- Item: 113370

Soft sticky wax

on the end of a 3-4 inch dowel ⅛-¼ inch in diameter. Rio Item #: 700187

Good light source

that is hopefully 12 inches or so from your working surface.

Old toothbrush

for cleaning filings from metal during setting.

Fine point Sharpie

Materials Required for Jim Dailing Stone Setting Workshops

Stones for setting: at least 10 — 2.5mm.

You are welcome to use other stones if you have them, but CZ’s are inexpensive and durable for your first settings. More would be great, but have at least this many for your practice projects.

1- 14ga copper band (any ring size will do) and about 6mm wide.

The ring will be used for setting stones. The ring should be completely finished on the outside with a satin finish. This finish will make it easier to see the surface of your metal during the stone setting. Rio- Item #: 132114


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