Dates & locations


April 30-May 2, 2021
One weekend  in-person session
Noon – 3:00 pm PST

Additional dates TBD


Skill level: Intermediate +


Work station and tools
10+ stones: 10 — 2.5MM
1- 14GA copper band
Expanded List and Suppliers

Tool List:

Flex shaft
Clamping device
Inverted cone bur
Drill bit
Setting bur
Bud bur
Beading tools.
Soft sticky wax
Good light
Old toothbrush
Fine point Sharpie
Expanded List and Suppliers


$230 3-day, 9-hour weekend


Jewelry Maker Online Class:
Bead and Stone Setting Without Prongs

Take Your Bead Setting and Flush Setting Skills to the Next Level!

This class is available ONLINE for up to 15 students per session at this time.

Class Description

If you have the tools, skills, and desire, we can make this work as an online class for remote learning. The same information will be covered in both the online class and in-person workshops.  The primary difference is that people will be able to work on their projects during class time in the in-person workshop. Students will have access to the recording of the class for 2 weeks after the class ends.

Upcoming Online Class Dates

During COVID times, I will only be offering this special series as an ONLINE CLASS. The preferred format is comprised of four 2-hour weekly sessions. We have announced dates for Summer and Fall 2021, and Winter 2022.

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Class Requirements

This class is for intermediate or higher level students that have basic skills and have their own workspace set up already. The online class requires that you have tools such as a rolling mill, basic torch setup, and hand tools.

You will need the ability to attend an online class (we prefer zoom).

The equipment we’ll be using includes Flex shaft, Clamping device, Inverted cone bur, Drill bit, Setting bur, Bud bur, Beading tools, Optics, Soft sticky wax, Good lighting, Old toothbrush, and a Fine point Sharpie. For more details and sources visit our Expanded List and Suppliers

The materials requirements for the class includes: Work station and tools, 10+ stones: 10 — 2.5MM, 1- 14GA copper band. Please refer to our expanded list and suppliers here.


If you still have questions, please contact me! I’d love to hear how best to serve your needs, and make this a successful class for you. 

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