MetaWax Carving for Large Faceted Bezel Set Stones

The Makery (Texas) May 17 – 21st, 2023

About this course

This workshop will cover various approaches for hand carving wax prototypes for larger, bezel set faceted stones and everything that you need to consider when creating a jewelry design with a larger stone for casting.  We will be covering design options, structural needs to securely hold the stone for durability and longevity, the various waxes that are available for casting, the tools needed and possible methods for creating a design in your aesthetic.   You will leave this workshop with a completed cast piece of jewelry showing off your new stone setting skills.

Day 1: Waxes and the ProcessES

Various waxes and tools, afternoon beging carving


Students begin hands-on work. Begin prepping waxes for casting.

Day 3: burn-out Process

Preparation for casting, Babysitting the burn-out process. Discussion of beadsetting and flush setting, with demonstrations.

Day 4: Casting

Casting first thing, with remainder of the day focusing on cleanup and finishing

Day 5: Setting 

When students are able to do bead and flush setting in their newly created piece.


Class each day runs 9:30 to 5pm each day, with an hour for lunch.


The Makery
2355 Bulverde Road #4

Bulverde TX 78163

Please call 830.980.9089 for questions about the Makery.  If you are not commuting to the class each day and wish to discuss lodgings or other details, please let me know!

Required Skills:

Skill level: Intermediate Class – basic jewelry-making skills should be enough to begin!

Materials and Supplies:

Tools will be supplied by the school, but it is always recommended that you bring personal favorites.
Optics: I also recommend that students bring their own optics for close-up work.”
Gemstones: You must bring one large faceted gemstone, natural or synthentic.
Metal: Please bring 1 oz. of sterling silver casting grain.