I’m working on right now is a very unusual piece for me. Some of you may know that most of what I do are one of a kind engagement and wedding rings. Occasionally I receive a request to create something very unique and different.

A new client from the Portland Oregon area contacted me for a special project for her daughter. Her daughter is about to graduate with a degree in psychology. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to have made but wanted to do something that was pertinent to this major milestone in her daughter’s life.


She had the request to use some old pieces of jewelry that were important to the family.

What I did is this was just a large old nugget piece of 14 karat gold. I cut about half of it off. I melted it down and rolled out into this material that’s about one millimeter thick. I began to cut out and solder and fabricate these pieces for this pendant.



Now, what you’re seeing now right now is I’ve got the small diamond set at the bottom, these holes going further up to the top of the column. Those we can set with very, very small diamonds once completed.

So the diamonds actually came out of this old bracelet. And each on each side of the bluestones, where small diamonds, I’ve got those set aside here, and once the diamonds are set, it will be complete. 

This actually has four different pieces of metal. The circle, which gave it a framework visually as well as physically, I wanted the symbol of the psychology to really float within that frame. So it’s making contact. It’s been soldered to the frame in three different points. And then the diamonds visually will give kind of a drawing motion visually up to the bail, the chain and then the face of the wearer.