During the designing of your engagement and wedding rings I try to offer as many possible options regarding designs and materials to give you the rings that you will love for the rest of your lives. One great option as far as gemstones are sapphires. Many people only know of sapphires as being blue, but they can also be pink, green, purple, fuchsia and even yellow to name a few. When the opportunity occurs that my clients are open to an even more unique look in their rings I like to introduce them to gemstones cut by award winning cutters like Richard Homer.   I’ve known Richard for nearly 20 years now and like me he is a one person does everything business. Richard goes to the Tucson Gem Show each year and hand selects his materials that he later cuts one at a time so that each piece of gem “rough” achieves its ultimate beauty once he’s done his magic during cutting. If you are truly looking for something beautiful and unique email me and we can talk about the many possibilities.