Keeping the Process Personal

If you visit most jewelry stores to have a custom engagement or a unique wedding ring created, you will typically begin at the front counter with a sales person.  From there, they will forward their notes from your conversation to a designer and this will then go on to the jeweler who will actually make your wedding jewelry.  This makes three or more individuals involved in the making of these very important pieces of jewelry for you and often details are lost in the process.

One-of-a-kind Difference

When clients approach me to create their engagement or wedding ring, I am the only person who is involved in the entire process.  I am the gatherer of information, the designer as well as the craftsman who carefully chooses the ethically sourced materials, and processes that will be used in creating your wedding jewelry.   I am also an educator who teaches jewelry making at major schools and craft centers around the country and so I attempt to educate my customers during this process so that you are as knowledgeable as you would like to be.  This makes you a better informed customer and helps me to create truly personal and finely crafted jewelry to last you your lifetime together.

Your Story

We begin first with your story, who you are as a couple, how or where you met, the things that you love to do together as well as the details that are most important to you as individuals as well as a couple.  Usually communicating by email works best as I spend time first thing in the morning as well as in the evening working on our emails.  This is uninterrupted time that allows me to focus completely on your questions, thoughts and concerns.  This also allows me the time to digest and then respond to all that you’ve told me.  Communicating by email also allows me to easily and successfully communicate with clients from around the world about their wedding rings using digital photos and videos of our design concepts as they evolve in real time. Occasionally we will also speak face to face using apps, like Zoom, FaceTime, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger.

Wax Prototyping

As I sift through the various aspects and possibilities of your wedding ring designs I then hand carve what I call a wax prototype.  This wax model takes us from the purely conceptual notions of your ring designs to a wax prototype that you can actually put on your hand.  It is at this point that you pick the design apart so that I get every minute detail just right, as close when it comes to an engagement or wedding ring is not good enough.  Typically I get very close with the first generation wax prototype, but if not I simply carve another wax model.  I don’t charge more for this service, it’s simply how I work in my best attempt to create the perfect wedding rings for you and your loved one.

Once I get your approval on the wax design, I then go on to craft the actual rings. Here are some of the rings I’ve made for others.  As you can see, the ongoing process and conversation is just between you and myself, never allowing details to get lost in the typical jewelry store chain of communication with the salesperson, designer and jeweler.

Your Passion, My Passion

I create one-of-a-kind wedding jewelry as it is my life’s work and passion. It is my desire that you love what I create for you and that you will be able to hand down my jewelry to a future generation long after I am gone.

What may I create for you?