Bridge ringsSeveral years ago I had a couple from New York City contact me about creating their wedding rings. They didn’t really know what they wanted, but the did want something that was personal and unique to the two of them. Through a series of emails and a single phone call I was able to discover a number of wonderful things about who they were as a couple, how they met and what they loved to do together. The story that stood out was their love of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge together in the evening. She described one night in specific when there was a light snow falling as they walked across the bridge and how the snow fell so softly beneath the bridge’s lights. The scene in my mind was like a movie. As the universe would have it I had recently finished a book about the designing and building of the Brooklyn Bridge about a month before they had initially made contact with me. The designs for their wedding rings was so clear in my mind that they didn’t need much time to decide. Each ring’s design was unique with her ring having simple hand engraved lines sweeping across the width of her band representing the suspension cables of the bridge. On his ring I hand carved 3 different scale perspective views of the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge. Individually they were unique and powerful, but when brought together they were complete and whole as reflected in the couple’s love for each other.